5 Pcs/Bag Mites Patch to Kill Aphids Non-toxic Bedding

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1. Product Category: Locust patch
2. Size: 105X15mm
3. Material: cotton + spice
4. Inducing agents: food additives, adhesives
5. Applicable to: dark kitchen, partition, mattress, carpet, sofa cushion, car mat
6. Color: Pink
7. Specifications: 5 pieces / bag
8. Net amount: 70g
9. Characteristics: plants are safe, harmless, and universal
10. How to use: Just open the outer packaging, remove the outer plastic film wrapped around the mattress and place it where you need to get the mites. Each piece can be used for 3 months, and there are small labels for handwritten dates, which can be replaced after 3 months.

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