500mL Outdoor Travel Silicone Foldable Kettle Telescopic Cup Sports Drinking Bottle


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1.Size: 500mL, 7*25cm expanded, collapsed only 7*15cm. You’ll love how little space this lightweight cup takes up in your pocket, bag, suitcase or backpack; and it fits most car cup holders, too.
2.Material: made of food grade silicone and PP, this cup contains no harmful plastics and is BPA free.
3.Applications: the ideal portable & space-saving cup for home and outdoors, camping, hiking, travelling, sport events & concerts, cold & hot drinks, big enough for small snacks, heat resistant, reusable & flexible, dishwasher & freezer safe. Great for brushing teeth or water color painting.
4.Features: portable, durable, foldable-expandable design, wide secure base, easy to clean & fold, comfortable to hold, no smell, no taste.
5.Multi-useful: It can be used as a sanitizing container or sterilizer or toothbrush cup or mug for travel as well as for outdoor activities like camping. Foldable and lightweight, you can fold it to carry it anywhere you go and it saves you lots of room.Its easy to fit in your bag.

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