5Port 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Switch

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1. 5 auto sensing 10/100Mbps switched ports
2. Compact size fits into any environment
3. Address learning and aging and data flow control for enhanced transmission
4. Plug and Play Installation
The switch is a Plug-and-Play unmanaged device that requires no configuration. Once you connect the hardware, the switch is operating!
5. Fast Forwarding Capacity
The switch adopts the store-and-forwarding forwarding mode and auto-learns/-updates MAC addresses to boost data transmit and switching capacity.
6. Auto MDI/MDI-X Crossover Detection
Each port on the switch can automatically figure out if the link needs a straight-through or cross-over connection, and make the right choice, eliminating the need for toggle switches or special crossover cables.
7. High Speed and Reliable Networking
Full duplex flow control and half duplex backpressure flow control help prevent frame drops over congested network

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