600ML Alcohol Sterilizer Induction Automatic Sprayer Clean Hand Atomizing Humidifier(White)

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1. Water tank capacity: 600 ml
2. Working hours: about 12 hours
3. Weight: 185g
4. Spray volume: 30-50 ml/h
5. Working voltage: 5V
6. Rated power: 1.25W-2W
7. Working current: 250-400M mA
8. Product size: 95x95x120 mm
9. Lithium battery capacity: 800 mAh
10. Power supply method: USB interface
11. Heavy fog volume, continuous fogging for 12 hours, intermittent/continuous spraying mode, fog is sensed in 0.25 seconds; nano-level atomizing holes, relieve air drying more quickly
12. Disinfectant can be added as a disinfection spray, with the method of inducing fog, no contact disinfection is safer
13. When using 75% alcohol for disinfection or flammable and explosive disinfection liquids, it is strictly forbidden to use in the presence of any open flame

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