739ml(25oz) Healthy Sports Cup Stainless Steel Protein Powder Classic Shaker Bottle Replacement Milkshake Cup

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1.Features: 2 specifications provided, choose one you like and decide to drink how much water each day; cover lid design, closely leakproof, easy to open with one hand; double-scale design, more accurate water loading; large cup mouth openning, easy to clean; healty material, BPA-free and strong.
2.Occasions: perfect size for your gym bag, car, bicycle and backpack to enjoy your long hikes, sports, work, beach, school, office, picnic, hiking, camping, cycling,road trips, eat lunch out, on the road for soup, traveling, trip, driving, mountaineering, backpacking, hot yoga, gym, fitness.It also can be a sweet and love gift for your family, lover and friends.
3.Food grade PP material, dishwasher safety, big capacity. The two sides of the cup are designed to prevent slipping, 100% Leak proof seals and secure flip-top lid for confident transport.

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