750ml Large Capacity Air Humidifier USB Rechargeable Wireless Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser(Pink)

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1. Material: ABS+PP+silicone
2. Water tank capacity: 750ML
3. Use time: 18-28 hours
4. Spray volume: 30-50ml/H
5. Battery capacity: 18650 battery / 2000mAh
6. Battery voltage: 3.7V, power: 7.4W
7. Input voltage: DC5.0V/1000mAh
8. Power consumption: 1.1-1.7W
9. Working current: 250-400mA
10. Product size: 96.5x96.5x177.5 mm
11. Weight: 367g

1. Nano-atomization atomizes water into micron water molecules, breathing quickly, and feeling refreshed
2. Simple design, where is pleasing to the eye, classic style
3. Upgrade large-capacity design, eliminating the cumbersome frequent water addition
4. Power-off protection, anti-dry burning, built-in anti-dry probe, waterless automatic power off and dry, double protection, safe and reliable
5. Silent operation, sleepless, silent, humidified, no radiation, does not affect sleep

1. Host x 1
2. Sponge stick x 1
3. Data cable x 1
4. A copy of the Chinese and English instructions x 1

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