A056 Portable Outdoor Metal Bluetooth V4.1 Speaker with Mic, Support Hands-free & AUX Line In (Black)

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1. Super-portable Bluetooth speaker delivers powerful sound and robust bass through a 5W audio driver and passive subwoofer.
2. Work with wireless bluetooth, support Bluetooth 4.1 and more advanced version.
3. Mini elegant charming shape and full tone color, fabulous clear and strong sound, experience music with powerful stereo comes with a real leather belt, easy to carry and fit in your backpack, baggage, perfect choice for travel hiking outdoor activity. sound and crisp, tight bass.
4. 360 degree surround stereo sound: Innovative 360 degree surround stereo sound technology, provides you with unmatched high quality audio regardless which corner of the room you are sitting inarranty and friendly customer service.
5. Designed as keg shape and made of metal, it looks elegant as well as durable.
6. It's super portable,suitable for outdoor traveling,camping and hiking.

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