AC 100-240V 4 Slot Battery Charger for AA & AAA & C / D Size Battery, with LCD Display, US Plug


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1. 4-slot independent charging, which can be used to charge AAA, AA, C or D batteries at the same time or at random, and can charge two 9V batteries
2. Multiple protections, safer to use.
3. LCD display shows charging status.
4. AC 100-240V wide voltage, universal worldwide.
5. Automatically trickle charging to protect the battery.
6. Car-mounted and discharge function, continuous power when going out.
7. Flip cover design to prevent damage to charger equipment.

Product parameters:
1. Input: AC 100-240V, 110W (maximum), DC 12V 800mA.
2. Output: 4.8V 1000mA, 9V 25mA (AA / AAA / C / D: 1000mA with one and four currents).
3. Size: 19.5x9x5cm.

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