addies MY-1605 Luminous Outdoor Sports Electronic Watch, Support Timing / Calendar / Alarm Clock / Talking, Size: L(Rose Gold)

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1. Electronic movement, accurate travel time, with battery, durable
2. Transparent resin lens, strong hardness, effectively protect the watch
3. EL cold light display, also clearly visible at night
4. Support the functions of timing, displaying the day of the week and the hourly time, and can also set snooze time and alarm clock
5. Stainless steel buckle, wear-resistant, easy to wear
6. Meet daily life waterproof
7. Rubber strap, soft and comfortable to wear

L size:
1. Full length: 24cm
2. Applicable wrist width: 8-22cm
3. Dial thickness: 17mm
4. Dial width: 55mm
5. Strap width: 22mm
6. Watch weight: 72g

S size:
1. Full length: 22cm
2. Applicable wrist width: 8-22cm
3. Dial thickness: 15mm
4. Dial width: 44mm
5. Strap width: 18mm
6. Watch weight: 46.5g

Basic parameters:
1. Waterproof standard: life waterproof
2. Movement type: electronic
3. Origin of movement: Other
4. Crown type: onion crown
5. Table bottom type: ordinary
6. Mirror material: plastic mirror
7. Buckle style: pin buckle
8. Buckle material: stainless steel
9. Strap material: rubber
10. Dial shape: round
11. Case material: plastic

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