addies MY-1818 Luminous Three-window LED Outdoor Sports Multi-function Electronic Watch for Men, Support Calendar / Alarm Clock / Timer(White)


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1. Electronic + quartz dual movement, easy to read
2. Multiple modes including time, stopwatch, alarm clock and date
3. Non-slip keys for easy operation
4. Luminous effect, you can see the time in the dark
5. Stainless steel bottom cover, effectively protect the watch
6. Meet daily life waterproof

Basic parameters:
1. Movement: electronic + quartz movement
2. Movement brand: addies
3. Origin of movement: China
4. Table mirror material: transparent acrylic
5. Case material: ASB + alloy
6. Waterproof standard: life waterproof
7. Watch thickness: 17.5mm
8. Strap width: 22mm
9. Strap diameter: 50mm
10. Full length of watch: 25cm
11. Buckle material: stainless steel
12. Dial shape: round

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