AE300 Car 12V Digital Battery Tester Analyzer

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1. Features:
——Test and analyze the battery load system, indicating the battery condition, including battery life percentage, CCA, battery voltage, battery resistance, to prevent accidental shutdown.
——Using battery power for continuous testing, it will not damage the battery, and reverse polarity and overvoltage protection make it very safe.
——Complete CCA test range (100-1700), providing reliable and accurate operation for larger size batteries.
——Compatible with most 12 volt battery types (including fully charged batteries, AGM batteries, gel batteries, deep cycle batteries), can work quickly and accurately.
——Equipped with a large LED screen and heavy fixture, and the buzzer reminder function makes it more durable and reliable.
2. Test object: 12V battery
3. Input voltage: DC 12V
4. Color: black + yellow
5. Test items: voltage, resistance, CCA, battery status.
6. Scope of work:
——CCA: 100-1700 DIN: 100-1000
——IEC: 100-1000 En: 100-1700
7. Percentage of battery life:
——80% -100% in good condition
——60% -80% is ok, not bad
——40% -60% need attention
——0% -40% bad, need to exchange

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