AEC BQ-615 Pulse Portable Bluetooth Streaming Speaker with Built-in LED Light Show & Mic, For iPhone, Galaxy, Sony, Lenovo, HTC, Huawei, Google, LG, Xiaomi, other Smartphones and all Bluetooth Devices(Black)

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1. Universally compatible with most bluetooth devices such as iPhone / iPad / iPod, Samsung Galaxy S5 / S4 / S3 / Note 2, other Android smartphones, tablet PCs, etc.
2. Can work as a wired speaker without bluetooth function by using the 3.5mm auxiliary cord.
3. Built-in microphone enables you to answer a handsfree call and realize last number redial.
4. Convenient buttons for volume adjustment, music and hands-free call control.
5. Wireless bluetooth connection, keeping you from the hassle of tangled wires.
6. Offers a wireless connection range of 10 meters (33 feet).
7. Powered by built-in rechargeable battery via mini USB port.
8. Superb stereo sound quality and excellent bass.
9. Four blinking shining colors make the music time cool.
10. TF card supported.
11. FM function supported.

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