ALLDOCUBE M5X Pro 4G Call Tablet, 10.1 inch, 4GB+128GB, 6600mAh Battery, Android 8.0 MTK X27 (MT6797X) Deca Core Up to 2.6GHz, Support Bluetooth & Dual Band WiFi & Dual SIM & OTG(Silver)


CHF 285.29
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1. Faster speed and bigger room, 4GB RAM + 128GB ROM.
2. M5X Pro adopts three-cluster architecture Helio X27 deca core processor and two A72 cores, to realize faster response and program operation.
3. 10.1 inch 2560x1600 resolution full-view IPS display brings finer display effects and cooler color performance.
4. 6600mAh large capacity battery long lasting power.
5. Front and rear camera capture the wonderful moment. With a rear 500W megapixel auto focus high-definition camera, and a front 200W megapixel camera, enjoy free and happy moments under 4G and WiFi networks.
6. With Android 8.0 system, brings you more convenient operations.

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