ANKER 2.4A USB-C / Type-C Power Delivery PD + 4 Ports Wall Changer for Mobile Phones / Tables / Macbooks(Black)

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1. Multiple interface chargers, one device can meet the charging needs of all your Apple devices.
2. 0-2.4A intelligently adapts the current, does not hurt the battery, and charges quickly.
3. The top blue USB-C / Type-C jack supports PD fast charging, just like your original charger.
4. Ten protection against over-current / short-circuit / over-discharge / over-voltage, to ensure your charging safety.
5. Intelligent micro current output, like Apple smart watches can charge.
6. Appearance drawing process, beautiful and stylish, comfortable grip.
7. Small size and high power.

The package contains:
PD multi-port charger x 1
1.5 m AC line x 1

1. Weight: 213g.
2. Size: 103x78x28mm.
3. Input: AC 100-240V-1.7A 50-60Hz.
4. USB PD output: 5V = 3A / 9V = 3A; 15V = 2A / 20V = 1.5A.
5. Power IQ output: 5V = 6A (2.4A single port output maximum).

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