Auto Circuit Repair Digital Display Test Pen Repair Line Induction Test Pen Car Test Pen Test Light 2.5-32V

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1. Voltage display range: 2.5 ~ 32V
2. Weight: 0.12 kg
3. Spring wire: 47 cm long without stretching 2.4 cm long
4. Suitable for: trailer, van, RV, airplane, snowmobile
5. Digital voltage display, convenient measurement, easy to read, suitable for voltage between 2.5V ~ 32V
6. The design of the metal clip can be used to fix on the detection position during continuous detection, freeing hands
7. Nib protective sleeve with protective sleeve to protect the needle from bending due to falling, long service life
8. Spiral wires are easy to store, convenient to store, and easy to use
9. External small crocodile mouth clip for easy clamping

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