AV-33 Multi Box RCA AV Audio-Video Signal Switcher + 3 RCA Cable, 3 Group Input and 1 Group Output System(Black)


CHF 9.37
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1. Brand new and high quality
2. No extra power supply or software needed
3. Light weight, portable size, easy to carry
4. Connect several units of audio-video equiment, but there is a lack of television input signal source terminals, the signal connection wires are often plugged and unplugged, which is very inconvenient
5. The kids at home wants to connect several units of television game players and use simultaneously, you may switch. 4 groups AV audio-video signal input and 1 group output to the television. DVD, VCD, TV Game, VCR station selector, satellite TV, cameras etc.
6. Directly exposed manual switch over, design of no connection to power, quick installation and convenient application

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