AV-9100 2CH 300W + 300W Karaoke HiFi Stereo Audio Power Amplifier, Support FM / SD & MMC / MP3 Player / USB, AC 220-240V, EU Plug

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1. Professional 2-channel output power audio HiFi amplifier, suitable for car, motorcycle, boat, home use with easy installation.
2. All-in-one mini amplifier that features an FM tuner, on-board MP3 decoder with SD/MMC and USB input.
3. Front mounted treble, bass, mic ECHO and mic vol controls, and USB /SD selector, allow you to dial in the sound to match your taste and get the most out of your speakers.
4. Lightweight aluminum casing for easy carrying.
5. Perfect sound hearing experience provided.
6. Convenient operation with the remote controller provided.
7. Suitable for both indoor home usage and outdoor usage on your vehicles.
8. Connectors: 1 x USB v2.0, 1 x SD card slot, 2 x AUX IN (R/L), 2 x Tuner IN (R/L), 2 x TV IN (R/L), 2 x CD/VCD IN (R/L), 2 x Mic IN.
9. Input Voltage: AC 220-240V / DC 12V 5A.
10. Impedance: 4-16ohm.
11. Input Impedance: 47K.
12. SNR: -89dbn.
13. Power output: 300W, R.M.S 40W.
14. Frequency: 20Hz-20kHz.
15. Input sensitivity: 0.25mV-220mV.

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