AX168B Mini Fridge Ozone Air Purifier and Fresh Deodorizer (Grey White)

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1. The products can make ozone and ozone can kill the escherichia coli, aeruginous pseudomonas, aureate staphylococcus on food, vegetable and fruits and remove the pesticides of remaining vegetable and fruits.
2. Removing the strange smell: Ozone can remove speedily the pressure oxygen bacteria which produce all kinds of strange smells, avoiding strange smell appearing.
3. Preservation: Ozone can reduce the process of metabolism by killing the germs on the vegetable and fruits and can delay the refreshing time of food, vegetables and fruits.
4. Compact size: Uses four AA batteries (Batteries not included).

1. Model: AX168B
2. Working voltage: 5V
3. Working current: 0.5W
4. Amount of ozone: 5mg/h
5. Battery type: 4xAA battery
6. Size: 13x8x8cm
7. Net weight: 160g

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