B016 6 Input 1 Output Audio Signal Source Selection Switcher, Output Volume Adjustment Control RCA Port

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B016 – 6 Input 1 Output Audio Signal Source Selection Switcher, Output Volume Adjustment Control RCA Port
Product description:
6-channel stereo audio signal selection switcher with output volume adjustment function,
The product adopts passive design, direct insertion, and has lossless switched transmission of input and output signals,
The product is mainly used to select and switch among a variety of stereo signal input and output through a common set of equipment, that is, a variety of stereo signal sources of devices, such as TV audio, MP3 player, CD player, video game, mobile phone, tablet, computer, record player, need to be output on the amplifier or on active speakers,
The 6-channel audio signal selection switcher solves complicated line plug in and plug out, which uniformly connects device input signal sources to the switcher for easily selection.
The product uses standard RCA port design for input and output, and uses precise 6-level manual switch design for the switcher, with independent stereo volume adjustment control.
Product parameters:
Power supply: passive design, direct insertion
Material: all-metal case
Input and output impedance: 10KΩ - 50KΩ
Frequency response: 20 – 20kHz
Distortion: <0.002%
Insertion loss: <0.01dB
Signal gain: 0dB
Signal to noise ratio S/N: >98dB
Input port: standard RCA port
Output port: standard RCA port
Number of input channels: 6-channel stereo input signal sources
Number of output channels: 1-channel stereo output
Control switch: 6-level precise manual selection switch
Switching channel: 6 channels
Net weight: 0.25 kg
Gross weight with packaging: 0.35 kg
Product size: length 113 mm X width 50 mm X height 38mm
Packaging size: length 185mm X width 135mm X height 65mm
Kit list:
1 X 6 input 1 output stereo audio signal selection switcher, output volume adjustment RCA port

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