BING XING BX098 Adjustable Ski Sports Protective Gear Bracers, Size: M


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1. Using Shuangyi mesh fabric, it has good ventilation, breathability, warmth, abrasion resistance, quick-drying, and impact resistance.
2. Thick EVA gasket on the back of the hand can protect the wrist well.
3. Added hook and loop fastener on the back of the hand, which can be adjusted according to personal needs.
4. Large-area shock-absorbing pads are used on the palm to effectively prevent bruises when the hands are supporting the ground.
5. Double-layered wrapped hem for more firmness.
6. The wristband can also be worn in gloves, which is convenient when skiing.
7. Suitable for a variety of people.

Size reference:
1. S, suitable for palm width: about 7-8cm, recommended for younger children.
2. M, suitable for palm width: about 8-8.5cm, recommended for girls and children of middle age.
3. L, suitable for palm width: about 8.5-9.5cm, it is recommended for boys.

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