Blinblin Major 1 6W USB Charging Portable RGB Laser Projector Bluetooth Stereo Sound Speaker(Black)

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1. Bluetooth laser projector(BLP) spreads thousands of green and red dazzling stars covering the ceiling and walls with blue cloud background while enjoying the music.
2. Laser operating mode: auto laser beams change automatically and comfortable, sound laser, beams is activated by sound.
3. Built-in 2600mAh GP battery, the use time can be up to 15 hours without a break.
4. The customized diaphragm makes a wonderful base effect.
5. Easy setting of various laser projection angle, that makes it possible for you to project the laser beams towards where you want for an impressive laser show at your home party or camping.
6. The indicator light above LOGO will always on, when connected with phone bluetooth. Once open the music on phone, the sound will start playing.

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