BLS-pro6 Sun Visor Clip Wireless Bluetooth V4.1 Handsfree Car Kit Speaker Speakerphone

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1. Conveniently kit to cliped to the sun visor of car.
2. Also used for hands-free calling at home and in the office
3. Multipoint technology and this speaker can be connected to 2 mobile phone
4. Strong signal, clear sound and nonradiative

1. Support heads free, head set and so on
2. Included DSP to support advanced echo and noise cancellation
3. With 2W speaker and high sensitivity microphone
4. Multipoint Support: allows a speakerphone connect to two phones
5. Bluetooth standard: 4.1+EDR
6. Wireless range: 10 meters
7. Speaker: 8R 2W
8. Charger input current: DC 5V 400MA
9. Built-in battery: 3.7V 1000MA
10. Talk time: 17-20 hours
11. Standby time: up to 1400 hours / 60 days

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