BTS-596 3W Bluetooth V4.2 Micro USB Charging Portable Smart LED Flame Atmosphere Bluetooth Speaker Support Micro SD (TF) Card, Effective Bluetooth Distance: 10m

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1. Portable wireless speaker: TWS pairing, bluetooth 4.2 automatically pairs to your device within seconds.
2. Wonderful LED light: 96 LEDs forming a stunning flame, mimic extremely realistic & natural dancing flames, combined with audio function, to create a romantic atmosphere for you.
3. Built-in rechargeable 1800mAh lithium-ion battery, more durable, which is great for a party night.
4. Wide application: perfect for girl/boyfriend, perfect for students in dorms, party goers at celebrations, families at special events, and children for relaxing. Especially ideal as holiday gift, birthday present, housewarming gift or simply as a personal treat.
5. Working time: about 4 ~ 5 hours.
7. Support micro SD (TF) card.

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