BTS-628 Transparent Bluetooth 4.2 Speaker with TWS Function

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1. Bluetooth 4.2, fast connection, stable transmission, effective distance up to 10 meters, real wireless speakers.
2. Hands-free handset: Support Android/iOS mobile phone calls.
3. With TWS connection: you can only connect a single speaker or combine two speakers together.
4. Aux: Supports Aux audio cable insertion.
5. Built-in 2x700mAh lithium battery, high capacity, charging time is about 3 hours, music playing time: 4-5 hours.
6. Silicone case (removable) is shockproof and scratch resistant.

1. Output power: 2 x 5W.
2. Input voltage: 5V.
3. Bluetooth: V4.2.
4. Speaker power: 5W x 2 Bat.
5. Frequency: 2.40Ghz~2.48Ghz.
6. Charging socket: USB.
7. Weight: 650 grams.
8. Size: 66 x 63 x 89mm.

TWS pairing use:
1. Press the multi-function button for 2-3 seconds to turn on the unit and speakers.Will be paired automatically.
2. The indicator light of woofer flashes blue and the satellite indicator light of speaker will remain blue.
3. Activate the Bluetooth function on the source device and search for "BTS-628".
4. Pair the name and connect it. If necessary, enter the password "0000" to pair it with the device.

The package contains:
Speaker x 1
Instruction manual x 1
Aux audio cable x 2
USB cable x 2

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