Cactus Shape Silicone Portable Mute Desktop Air Humidifier with Night Light, Capacity: 340ml, DC 5V

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1. Portable Mute Desktop Air Humidifie, multi-function, with night light.
2. Unique design: Cactus Shape perfect for decorating your home space. Portable for Home, Yoga, Office, Spa, Bedroom, Baby Room,etc.
3. Button control, short Press once into Continuous Mist mode, press again into intermittent mist mode( Spray 3s stop 3s), night light;
4. Long work time: 340ml capacity , Spray amount 35-40ml every hour.
5. 1200mAh battery, charging time about 2 hours.
6. The humidifier adopts ultrasonic technology and runs quietly. It would not be disruptive while you sleep.
7. Material: ABS+PP+PET+Silicone

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