Car Automatic Wireless 10W Fast Charge Car Phone Holder with Voice Broadcast

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1. The built-in cooling fan is conducive to heat dissipation and improves the charging speed.
2. Reserved hole position, with USB interface, you can charge without removing the mobile phone, connect the USB cable, you can charge mobile phones that do not support wireless charging.
3. Comes with voice prompts, transparent bottom bracket, the indicator light illuminates the bottom bracket and stands for blue, charging is red, and foreign object (FOD) is blue.
4. The coil is automatically charged by induction, and the clip automatically retracts to clamp the phone.
5. Built-in new power supply intelligent management chip, the mobile phone can be put into wireless charging mode by putting down about 0.1s.
6. 360 degree angle can be adjusted freely to meet different needs.
7. Parameters:
Product material: ABS flame retardant material + PC
Input: TYPE C 9V1.67A or more
1. Wireless charging power: compatible with 10W.7.5W.5W
2.USB: 5W (5V 1A)
Number of wireless charging coils: single coil
Wireless charging conversion rate: >=85
Transmission distance: 8mm
Charging frequency: 110-205KHz
Function: wireless charging + voice broadcast + large capacitor (can be touched to open after power off)

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