Car Central Control USB Charger 2.1A DC12V-24V USB Port Power Adapter with a Fixed Piece

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1. 2.1A super large current, can be used for mobile phones, tablets, IPAD, GPS and other car supplies
10 The input voltage is DC12-24V universal voltage, which can be installed on vehicles, motorcycles, RVs, SUVs, ships, yachts, etc.
3. PA66 nylon is resistant to high and low temperature, flame retardant and environmentally friendly materials, can be used in -20 ~90 Celsius degree environment, and has anti-flame retardant properties, high safety factor
4. Black shell, white movement, blue light, plus fine workmanship, the whole product looks high-end atmosphere
5. Product distribution fixed piece, terminal, screw, installation is more convenient and beautiful.
6. Parameter:
Input Voltage: DC12V-24V.
Output: 5V.
Output current: 2.1A.
Maximum power: 110W.
Waterproof rate: IP65

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