Car Compass Balance Meter Level Car Slope Meter Three-in-one

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Product description:
1. The vehicle level as a measuring Angle and elevation Angle and the change of body rotation Angle around the product. Monitoring body Angle change at any time, using the free rotation, its sensitive degree is higher, provide data for slope and slope, make you know more about road conditions, driving safety.
2. The product adopts streamline design, beautiful appearance, exquisite, products are light weight, base bring back glue is convenient to install.
3. The workmanship and design are first-class, is the good equipment for your driving journey

Main functions:
1. Able to accurately display accurate degree of downhill and uphill, downhill on both the slope scale, more than 40 degrees for up and down slope of alert.
2. Able to locate the left or the right of the slope Angle in detail, driving around inclined side are no more than 40 degrees, otherwise there will be a danger, to identify the balancing instrument will give you accurate.
3. The adjustable bracket can be installed in any position, as long as the balance

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