Car Diamond Aluminium Alloy QC3.0 Dual USB Quick Charger (Jet Black)

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1. Material: Aluminum alloy + water drill
2. Compatible with micro-USB and QC3.0 smart USB data line, automatic identification function supports fast charging and normal charging.
3. Input: DV12-24V
4. Output: 3A, QC3.0 port output 5V3A-9V2A-12V1.8A
5. Fashionable and concise appearance, increase visual enjoyment
6. Two USB ports output current independently. QC3.0 and 3.1A ports can charge both devices at the same speed of 3.0 A. The total current can reach 6.0 A.
7. Applicable to USB drive devices, including Huawei, millet, VIVO, OPPO, LG, Apple, Samsung and other smartphones, tablets, e-readers.
8. Weight: 52g
9. Size: 66x32mm

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