Car Ultra-thin Cigarette Lighter Mobile Phone USB Direct Charge Charger

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1. Weight: 200 G
2. Material: Environmental protection PC ABS fire retardant
3. Dimensions: 13 x 6 x 4 CM
4. Features: Ultra-thin charger with USB function, stable performance, USB can be charged with other digital products; novel design, compact and beautiful, personality highlights short-circuit protection function, ensure circuit safety, current conversion can be widely used in various electronic equipment
5. Car line length: 80 CM
6. Input voltage: DC12-24V
7. Output port: 8 USB
8. LED display: display voltage and current
9. USB output voltage: 5V
10. USB output current: 1A-2.4A
11. Total output power: 40W (max)
12. Automatic identification: Automatic identification of current according to equipment

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