Car Waterproof 12-24V 3.1A Dual USB Charger Adapter + Voltmeter(Red Light)

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1. It is flame retardant, not easy to deform and features high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, durability. Extreme speed charging, multiple protection.
2. 12-24V voltage can support motorcycle electric vehicle installation, can be used for mobile phones, tablets, navigation, GPS, etc.
3. Wiring instructions: The copper terminal at the back of the product: +, to connect the positive pole of the power supply; the logo of: -, to connect the negative pole of the power supply.
4. The product with waterproof and dustproof cover, it is safer to use.
5. Specification:
Input voltage: 12-24V
Output voltage: 5V
Output current: 3.1A
USB number: 2
Measurable voltage: 6-38V
6. The voltmeter can check the battery voltage condition at any time to prevent the safety hazard caused by poor battery.

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