Cartoon Animal Shape Bedside Lamp Music LED Alarm Clock(Blue)

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1. Product name: LED wake-up light clock
2. Product model: LD908
3. Product specifications: 145x86x130mm
4. Material: ABS
5. Single weight: 389g (including single packaging)
6. Packaging: Pearl cotton bag safety packaging + instruction manual + USB charging cable

Product Features:
1. HD mirror LED display perpetual calendar, touch snooze.
2. Built-in 2 AG13 battery memory function, no need to reset after power off.
3. 24 hours / 12 hours conversion.
4. Bedside lamp: colorful LED atmosphere light.
5. Sunset mode. Wake up light mode.
6. USB interface design, support multiple devices charging.
7. 4 steps backlight adjustment. The display brightness can be adjusted manually. Clock brightness (three gears). The default brightness is from 10pm to 6am, and the light will be adjusted automatically. Normal brightness will be restored after 6pm.
8. 2 group alarm clock independent switch, three groups of working day mode alarm clock, 25 music ringtones. The alarm clock can be set to different music.
9. The ringtone can be adjusted from high to medium to low.
10. POWER power interface, power switch.

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