Cartoon Cute Water Injection Hot Water Bottle Discoloration Round Hand Warmer Bag(Blue)


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1. Product: round discolored hot water bottle
2. Material: plastic
3.Packing: oracle bone bag
4. Size: about 13.5 x 18cm
5. Weight: about 108g
6. Details:
- Temperature-sensitive design, change color immediately with hot water
- Continuous temperature resistance, warm all night
- Cute cartoon pattern design
- Direct injection of boiling water
- Compact and portable, easy to carry on a daily business trip
- Leakproof and explosion-proof, thick material, no need to plug in, explosion-proof and anti-scalding
7. How to use:
- Unscrew the lid
- Inject hot water at about 80 degree C, and the flushing volume should be 3/4
- Remove excess air and unscrew the lid
8. Note:
- The sealing ring at the lower end of the cover is an important part to prevent water leakage. Do not damage or lose it.
- When hot water is injected, avoid direct filling with boiling water. The water temperature is about 80 degree C, and the filling amount is 3/4.
- Do not use it against your body for a long time. It is better to use a hot water bottle and a cloth bag in combination. Avoid use by children under 5 years

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