Cartoon Flowers Plush Hot Water Bottle Bag Injection Water Hand Warmer(Light Pink)


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1. Product: Water injection hot water bottle
2. Material: Rubber + Plush
3. Size: 11 x 18.7cm
4. Capacity: 350ml
5. Insulation: about 4-8 hours
6. Tips
- Please do not inject boiling water, it is easy to pour out when pouring water, causing safety hazards
- The holding time is related to the ambient temperature. The above holding time is for reference only.
- The water injection volume should not exceed 2/3 of the hot water bottle capacity, and the excess air should be discharged at the same time
7. Instructions for use
- Push the bottom of the hot water bottle into the cloth cover
- Close the back opening
- Fill 2/3 of hot water, be careful when filling, to avoid burns
- Empty excess air from hot water bottle after filling
- Tighten the nuts with appropriate strength, do not use excessive force to prevent slipping
8. Package include: 1 x Warm bag

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