Cartoon Pattern Fashion Chic Hand Warmer Portable Hot Water Bag Bottles(Wishing rabbit)


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Model Number:Hot water bottle
Product Name: Round hot water bottle
Product material: PVC
Product packaging: OPP bag
Product weight: 22g
Product size: 11*14cm
Packing quantity: 500 / box

1. Before use, please pay attention to whether the hot water bottle used has aging phenomenon and the bag bottom
Changes, once the above changes, should be abandoned to prevent overage use.
2. The hot water bottle should be kept away from the child when using
3 When storing the hot water bottle, the air in the bag should be drained, squared and stored in a cool dry place.
4. Do not touch acid, alkali, or oily substances.
5. It is not advisable to stress and sharpen the hot water bottle.

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