Cartoon Water Injection Hot Water Bottle Embroidered Sequins Plush Hand Warmer, Size:1000ml(Brown)


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Type:Water Injection Hot Water Bottle
Material:Plush, PVC
1. Craft: Embroidery
2. Size: 165 x 265 mm
3. Capacity: 1000 ml
4. Function: Inject hot water for hot compress heating, and inject cold water for refrigerating and cooling
5. Features: The material is healthy and environmentally friendly, easy to irrigate with large diameter, deepened thread is not easy to leak, thickened PVC has long heat preservation time, comfortable and soft feel, easy to carry and use, dual use
6. Tip: Avoid boiling water when injecting hot water. it is advisable to flush at about 2/3 of the water temperature at about 80 degrees C

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