Cat Claw USB Rechargeable Anti-mosquito Device Children Outdoor Portable Electronic Mosquito Repellent(Pink)

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1. Product specifications: about 223x76x33mm
2. Material: ABS + PC + silicone
3. Packaging material: coated paper
4. Product accessories: charging cable + two packs of essential oil (two pieces) + lanyard + manual
5. Rated voltage: DC5V
6. Rated power: 2.5W
7. Charging time: about 2-4h
8. Use time: about 28-35h
9. Duration of essential oil tablets: about 200h
10. Net weight: about 71g
11. Product gross weight: about 193g
12. Warm reminder:
——1. Do not place the essential oil tablets in a place with high temperature, avoid direct sunlight, and keep out of reach of children
——2. Do not insert pins, wires, etc. on the appliance.
——3. In order to avoid malfunctions, do not spill water drops on the appliance. If it gets wet, please wipe it dry with a clean cloth.
——4. Please pay attention to electricity and fire safety when using.
——5. Please don't disassemble, modify and repair appliances at will to avoid malfunction.
——6. Pay attention to ventilation when using;
——7. Disabled for allergy sufferers; wash hands after use. Please consult a doctor in time for any adverse reactions during use.
——8. Do not open the cover while the product is in operation.

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