Ceramic Mug White Glazed Milk Coffee Cup Water Cup, Style:003

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1. Material: ceramic
2. Function: high temperature resistance
3. Structure: single layer
4. Cup accessories: with handle
5. Moderate glaze thickness and soft glaze color
6. Capacity: 201-300ml
7. Moderate depth
8. The base is heavy and not easy to fall over
9. Dimensions: 019: 7x8cm, 003: 9.7x8cm, 001: 8.5x11cm
10. Note: The glass belongs to the natural coloring process. The gravel of each cup is naturally colored in the process of firing at high temperature, and it is naturally disorderly mixed in the mixing stage of the clay. Therefore, the glaze of the gravel distribution of each cup is different. Please buy carefully if you care

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