CHIGU C1Plus Fitness Tracker 0.96 inch IPS Screen Smartband Bracelet, IP67 Waterproof, Support Sports Mode / Blood Pressure / Sleep Monitor / Heart Rate Monitor / Fatigue Monitor / Sedentary Reminder (Black)

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1. It is a device that makes you live in healthier and more intelligent lifestyle.
2. Support Bluetooth 4.0, support for Android 4.4 above and iOS 9.0 above system.
3. Display screen: 0.96inch IPS, wake bracelet up: raise and turn over the wrist or touch and slide screen.
4. Health monitoring: Dynamic and static blood pressure, dynamic and static blood oxygen, dynamic and static heart rate, fatigue monitoring, sleep monitoring, step countmonitoring, calorie consumption, distance, sedentary reminder.
5. Other functions: Incoming calls and SMS remind, time, Silent Alarm Clock, music control.
6. Data storage: 7 days exercise record, 23 days total data.
7. 90mAh polymer lithium battery, standby for about 7 days.
8. APP name: "Da Fit".

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