Cold and Warm Dual-use Constant Temperature Refrigeration Intelligent Cup Thermos Cup, Capacity:450ml, US Plug(White)

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1. Weight: 300g
2. Style: modern and simple
3. Material: ceramic, aluminum alloy, ABS
4. Specifications: input 100-240V/1A, rated power 12V-3A, rated power 36W, rated capacity 450 ml
5. Applicable occasions: home, office study, travel and business trips, etc
6. Features: beautiful and practical, exquisite and compact, not occupying space, cold and hot, energy saving and low consumption, automatic reminder to drink water every two hours, light gradual change for 30 seconds, the base is automatically disconnected for more than 10 hours in any mode, durable, use Diverse
7. Description: constant temperature 55°C orange light, icy 18°C blue light, quick cooling 8°C blue light

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