Creative Cartoon Cute Puppy Humidifier USB Nano Mute Air Purifier(Brown)

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1. Nano-atomization, deep moisturizing and hydrating, so that refreshing and moisturizing deep into the skin.
2. Using high-dividing fog technology, the water molecules are fully diffused in the air, so that there is no problem of water droplets flowing back to wet the table.
3. 300mL large capacity water tank, can be moisturized for 8-15 hours with water.
4. Static noise reduction design, can be used by pregnant women, the elderly and children.

1. Material : ABS+PP+silicone+metal
2. Rated voltage: 5V, working current: 220mA-300mA, operation power: 1.5W
3. Water bottle capacity: 300ML
4. Product size : 92*92*163mm
5. Spray amount : 30mL-40mL/H
6. Use time: 8-15 hours

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