Creative Cat Mute Mosquito Lamp Home Inhalation Mosquito Killer(Pink)

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1. The design incorporates the cat's playful and cute temperament
2. ABC original package material manufacturing, skin-friendly feel, anti-pressure and fall resistance, to ensure a comfortable experience
3. Bionic, natural, warm, from the nature of design of nature and life
4. Vertical unobstructed air duct design, smooth airflow, thief guarantees strong and does not affect sleep
5. Compact, lightweight, flexible and easy to use, placed anywhere in the home, beautiful and decorative
6. Disassembly and assembly is as easy as screwing the bottle cap and can be washed directly with water
7. Upgrade 7-blade brushless current machine, vertical unobstructed air duct design, smooth airflow, ensuring strong suction without affecting sleep
8. Size:110X110X184 mm
9. Input: DV5V/0.2A
10. Lightwave band: ≈368nm

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