Creative Pen Holder Touch Switch Student Reading Light Eye-protection Small Table Lamp with 3 Gear Dimming, Capacity:2000mAh(Pink)

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Item Type:Desk Lamps
Power Source:Rechargeable Battery
Light Source:LED Bulbs
Switch Type:Touch On/Off Switch
Charging time:3 hours
using time:8-48 hours
Rated input voltage:DC 5V
Rated input current:<1A
1. USB output, support for mobile phone charging, USB small fan, etc.
2. With the phone holder function.
3. 360-degrees bendable metal hose, portable and easy to carry, simple and generous.
4. Large capacity pen holder design.
5. High-quality LED energy-saving lamp beads, eye protection and radiation protection.
6. Smart touch switch for easier use.
7. Built-in lithium battery design, can be recharged, long standby time, long service life.

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