Creative Personality Small Robot Shaped Lighting Fashion Home Bedroom Bedside Wooden Table Lamp

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CHF 72.36
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Item Type:Desk Lamps
Is Dimmable:No
Light Source:Bulb
Power Source:AC
Base Type:E27
Body Material:Wood
Switch Type:Push Button Switch
1. Is Bulbs Included: No
2. Process: cutting, sanding, painting
3. Style: Modern
4. Application: living room, bedroom, study, etc.
5. Cotton and linen material, good light transmission effect, more exquisite craftsmanship;
6. The internationally-used E27 screw cap is easy to install and disassemble;
7. User-friendly design, the joints can be adjusted at will, let your table lamp move;
8. Wooden base that can be used as a shelf for stability and security;

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