Creative Silent Circular LED Clock (Black)

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Product parameters
Clock brand: LESTRY
Shell material: ABS
Line length: 3.5 m
Product size: 30x2.5cm
Mask: high transparency PC
Function: alarm clock/night light
Style: fashionable
Appearance: round
Applicable place: study, public place, office, bedroom, living room, kitchen
Display type: number
Display type: LED
Waterproof: no
Dial material: plexiglass

Product features
1. Imported single-chip microcomputer + imported clock chip to ensure the accuracy of time
2. The shell is made of imported ABS+ PC materials, and the high-end printing allows you to have no worries.
3. A variety of colors are available, the exquisite color box packaging + pearl cotton lining packaging, not afraid of violent transportation.

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