Cute Deer Warm Handbag Injecting Water Heating Bag Silicone Hot Water Bottle Warmer(Blue)


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1. Product: Silicone water injection warm water bag
2. Material: Silicone + PC (environmental protection, high temperature resistance)
3. Size: 20 x 13 x 5.5cm
4. Weight: 136g
5. Capacity: 386ML
6. Duration of use: 3 hours
7. Applicable season: winter and summer
8. Water injection temperature: about 80 degrees is appropriate
9. Microwave oven heating time: no more than two minutes
10. Microwave heating precautions:
- Be sure to fill the hot water bottle with cold water to prevent the empty bag from expanding
- Microwave oven heating power must not exceed 1500W
- If there is any accident such as expansion during heating, please stop heating immediately, do not open the microwave oven immediately

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