Cute Household Mosquito Killer Lamp LED Light Anti Mosquito Bug Zapper Insect Muggen Killer Night Light Colorful EU Plug(Green)

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1. The darker the room is, the brighter it will be, so it is good for the baby room, toilet, bathroom.
2. The mosquito killer lamp that works efficiently is ideal choice for bedroom and study room use.
3. It can be used not only to kill mosquitoes at night, but also to light up at night, and to use both function without wasting any extra electricity.
4. Suitable to be used in bedroom, kitchen, living room etc.

1. Material: ABS + LED
2. Product Dimensions: 11x10x3cm
3. Product Weight: 70g
4. Voltage: 220-240V
5. Power: 4W
6. Applicable Area: 15 Square meter

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