CYKE HKL-USB32 5V 3A 3-Port USB Wall Charger Travel Charger with Digital Display, US Plug

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1. Three USB ports charge more time-saving, and can supply power to two mobile phones and tablets at the same time. Since then, charging is not queued, which is convenient and quick.
2. Intelligent IC identification, intelligent shunt technology, automatic matching of output current, stable charging of mobile phones and tablets at the same time
3. Charging starts The digital display automatically displays the current voltage, green light: voltage (V), blue light: current (V).
4. Wide voltage and voltage compatibility, built-in 100V-240V power supply voltage, widely used in different countries and regions, so you can enjoy the charging moment.
5. Adopt PC flame retardant material, heat-resistant and anti-fall, paint process, smooth hand feeling.
6. Small and portable.

1. Interface: 3 USB ports.
2. Specifications: US plug.
3. Material: PC flame retardant material.
4. Input: AC 100-240V 50-60Hz.
5. Output: 5V 3A.
6. Product size: 65x52x24mm.
7. Net weight of the product: 61g.
8. Compatible: Common to most USB products on the market.

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