CYZ-001 500ML Astronaut Style Air Humidifier USB Desktop Mini Air Purifier(Pink)

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1. Material: ABS +PP+silicone+electronic components
2. Product size: 95 x 95 x 177 mm
3. Single net weight: 225g
4. Input voltage: 3.7V
5. Working current: 400MA
6. Charging current: 1A
7. Water bottle capacity: 500ml
8. Power consumption: 3W
9. Spray volume: 25ml-35ml/h
10. Continuous spray mode use time: about 12 hours
11. Use time of intermittent spray mode: about 24 hours
12. Spray operation: Turn on the power, click the button to turn on the continuous spray mode; click again to turn on the intermittent spray mode (spray 3 seconds and stop for three seconds), and click the button a third time to turn off all spray modes. (In this cycle)
13. Night light and USB operation: Long press for 1.5 seconds to turn on the night light and USB output; long press again for 1.5 seconds to turn off the normal output of the night light USB, and the third long press for 1.5 seconds to turn off the USB. (In this cycle)
14. Anti-drying: Automatic power-off for 8 hours at the time of continuous spraying; automatic power-off at the time of 12 hours for intermittent spraying; can be restarted to continue use
15. Packing list: Humidifier X1, sponge rod X1, data cable X1, one copy in both Chinese and English manual, gift (one USB light)

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