D09 Infrared Sensing Automatic Car Air Outlet Bracket Natural Vacuum Cleaner Qi Standard Wireless Charger


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1. Material: ABS + PC
2. Input Voltage: Slow Charging: DC5V/2A, Fast Charging: 9V/1.67A
3. Output Voltage: Slow Charging: 5V/2A, Fast Charging: 9V/1.2A
4. Charging power: slow charge: 5W, fast charge: 10W
5. Camera Capture Recognition Induction Expansion Function Additional, Infrared Sensor and Touch Function
6. Nano-silica suction cup, soft, tough and air-tight, supporting repeated use of washing
7. Built-in negative ion air purifier and aromatherapy solid
8. Can put solid aromatherapy into wireless filling, so that the air in the car lasting fragrance; alleviate fatigue, relieve mental pressure, so full of fragrance, along the way
9. Without receiving appliances or metal substances, it will automatically detect and send out sound alarm light flashing prompt to avoid unsafe factors.
10. Electronic clock display screen, adjusting button hidden in the back cover
11. Compatible with the major mainstream mobile phones in the market, a variety of installation options

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